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Nutritional Consulting



“Most men have no idea how great they can feel by switching to a nutrient-dense, properly prepared, whole food diet.  I believe diet is the most underutilized transformational tool at the disposal of men to give them the ability to conquer the physical and mental demands of life.

What you eat, how you work your body, and mindset determine how you orient to the world for a competitive advantage.  Don’t be fooled, you are competing every day.  For what?  That is different for every man, but you are competing and you need to perform at your best.

My programs are uniquely based on a foundational approach to nutrition, relying on the body’s innate intelligence and bioindivduality. I offer specific tools for assessing the body’s nutritional deficiencies and teach how to address those weaknesses through diet, supplements and lifestyle changes.  I believe that many of modern society’s health problems result from weaknesses in the body’s physiological foundations brought on by poor nutrition.

I encourage you to call or email so we discuss a few things. The first is my background in nutrition which will give you a sense of my training, philosophical framework, and model I use when collaborating with you on changing your approach to eating.  The second and most importantly are your goals.  What are you looking for?  Are you trying to lose weight?  Are you hoping to feel better, have more energy, and create more mental clarity?  Let’s talk to see if working together makes sense.

Initial Meeting is $150 (Nutri-Q testing and other assessment tools are being used)

95 per hour single session | Multi session packages available

Recovery Coaching



A wide variety of specialized roles have evolved to assist individuals and families achieve recovery from addiction, including recovery from what have been called process addictions – harmful relationships with gambling, sex, food, money, etc. One of the most recently emerging roles is that of the Recovery Coach.  Recovery Coaching has a particularly complex etymology.  Drawing from several worlds – voluntary peer support, clinical therapies, and professional life coaching.  As a result of this mixed heritage, the public is confronted with a variety of people calling themselves Recovery Coaches or offering recovery coaching services.  The primary function of a Recovery Coach is to help people achieve and sustain recovery from addiction.  A Recovery Coach is a person who helps remove personal and environmental obstacles to recovery, links the newly recovering person to the recovery community and serves as a personal guide and mentor in the management of personal and family recovery. The outcomes being improved relationships with family, friends, employers, and themselves.  As with the other service I offer of nutritional consulting, I encourage you to call or email so we can discuss your needs and goals.  Feel free to take a look at the “Meet the Founder” page to read about my experience with recovery.

Recovery coaching is a person-centered, strengths-based support for people who suffer from their own or someone else’s addictions.  Recovery coaches are allies and mentors who view a person as being in recovery when that person begins to consider making life changes and evaluating the harmful effects of alcohol and drug use, codependency, or other addictive behaviors. Recovery coaches help people work on and achieve life goals disrupted by addiction. Recovery coaching is an action- oriented approach that emphasizes improving someone’s present life. A Recovery Coach creates a partnership with people in recovery from addictions.

Recovery Coaching services are fee for service.  I’m happy to provide you with a statement that you can submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement. However, most private insurance is not reimbursing for recovery coaching services.  Recovery Coaching can be provided in your home or at a discreet location of your choice outside the home.

A trained recovery coach can help you with many of the issues you face in early recovery.  Overcoming addiction can be hard, with new difficulties arising that we have to face without drugs or alcohol. The services of a recovery coach will guide you through difficulties and help you build the qualities in yourself to face life with confidence. Through the process of coaching, you will build skills, gain education about addiction, grow your internal resources, and find the tools to help you build a lasting recovery.

A Recovery Coach creates a partnership with people in recovery from addictions.  A coach helps:

  • Create a vision for their recovery
  • Identify and remove barriers to recovery
  • Navigate through the human services system
  • Access community resources.
  • Connect with recovery services, including treatment facilities, recovery centers, and support groups.

Elements of Recovery Coaching:

  • Relapse Prevention
  • Identify Risks
  • Create Plans
  • Create Balance
  • Build New Habits
  • Find, Identify, Engage Supports

95 per hour per hour single session | Multi session packages available