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Understanding Men’s Pain and Grief:  Partnering with Men to Help Them Heal

The masculine side of healing is used by both men and women.  It is simple not a man’s way of healing.  The masculine side of healing is not as accepted a mode of healing as the more traditional verbal and emotional expressions.  The vast majority of mental health healing positions are occupied by women, and the vast amount of people seeking mental health services are female.  Thusly, therapy has been shaped accordingly to fit and be effective with women.

Our job as healers is not to pigeon hole someone into one way of healing but to recognize how each gender heals and to have the tools to help each person individually.

The seminar/keynote is meant to introduce participants to the male side of healing and why men’s pain is both invisible and taboo.  Discussing the invisibility of men’s pain is essential for healers to understand how men are addressing their pain and to create partnerships with men in order for more healing to occur.  The seminar/keynote will offer examples of how men work with men’s pain, grief, and suffering.


  • Keynote 50 min
  • Half-Day Seminar Workshop or Conference Break Out Session

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