men's health by the numbers

Being male is now the single largest demographic factor for early death



In evolutionary terms, where we are now represents a fraction along the evolutionary road. If human history were a football field, the period of time we lived as hunter-gatherers would represent 99 ½ yards. This period we live in now post-Industrial Revolution would only represent a few inches of the last half yard.

Our male ancestors were lean, fit, and were free of inflammatory diseases.  It is in your DNA to be a man who is lean, fit, and active in his world. Our ancestors were superior to us in almost every health measurable way.  “But they died earlier!” This is true. However, our ancestral brothers had to contend with higher infant mortality, higher rates of warfare, trauma, accidents, exposure to the elements, and no modern medical care. Our ancestral brothers didn’t get diabetes, obesity, gout, hypertension, and most cancers that plague us today.  The did not suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders.

This profound mismatch between our genetic heritage and contemporary society is responsible for many of our modern health concerns.